• Political TV Ads

  • What is included in our Low Cost TV Ads?

     - The Broadcast Version for TV Stations (sent to one TV or cable station of your choice).
     - The Windows Media Version for Social websites such as Youtube and Facebook
     - H264 version (Full resolution Quicktime movie)
     - Script Writing - Up to 3 approval scripts for your review.
     - Professional Narration - you choose the narrator
     - Stock footage from our collection. Or, use your own logo, pictures and video.
     - Music from our royalty free library.

    What does it cost to make a Low Cost TV Ad?

    We require payment in advance for all video production:
    $675 for :30 sec. HD ads
    $1,175 for :60 sec. HD ads

    Pricing is for Low Cost TV Ads that do not require shooting on location or in a studio. For quotes on other ad lengths or other services, please email.

    Spanish language TV commercials

    TV ads in Spanish are slightly more because we use a translator to help us get it right.

    $800 for :30 sec. HD ads
    $1,275 for :60 sec. HD ads


    Purchase :30 and :60 sec. TV Ads

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