• $495 TV Ads

  • Low Cost TV Ads - How it Works

    It's a Two-Part Process:

    1. Let me make you a great TV ad
    2. Buy time to put it on cable or broadcast TV

    Getting an ad on TV is a two part process. First, you need to make a great TV ad - that's the part I do. Then, you need to buy time on broadcast or cable TV to run your ad. you can buy the time yourself, or I can put you in touch with professionals who can get you great deals on TV time. 

  • What is Included

    • The Broadcast Version for TV Stations (sent to one TV or cable station of your choice).
    • The Windows Media Version for Social websites such as Youtube and Facebook
    • H264 version (Full resolution Quicktime movie)
    • Script Writing - Up to 3 approval scripts for your review.
    • Professional Narration - you choose the narrator
    • Stock footage from our collection. Or, use your own logo, pictures and video. 
    • Music from our royalty free library.
  • Pricing

    Best Price

    (Pay in advance and receive Priority Service at no extra charge).
    $495 :30 sec SD ads/ $675 HD :30 sec ads
    $990 :60 sec SD ads/$1,175 HD :60 sec ads

    Other payment options

    Pay a down payment now and the balance when you are ready to complete your ad.

    Pricing with down payment option:
    $595 :30 sec SD ads/ $825 HD :30 sec ads
    $1,090 :60 sec SD ads/ $1,275 HD :60 sec ads

    Spanish Language Ad Pricing

    (Slightly higher due to translator cost. Payment in advance required).
    $620 :30 sec SD ads/$800 HD :30 sec ads
    $1,130 :60 sec SD ads/$1,315 HD :60 sec ads

    These prices are for our Low Cost TV Ads production only. Buying time on TV or cable is a separate purchase.
  • Here's how it works:

    1) Fill out the form below to get started.

    2) Choose your payment plan. You have two choices:

    • Pay in advance for our best pricing. ($495 for SD :30 sec ads, $675 for HD :30 sec ads)
    • Pay a deposit now and the balance when you are ready to complete your ad. (With this plan, :30 sec SD ads are $595 and :30 sec HD ads are $825)

    3) We will begin to work on the script for your commercial. If we have any questions we will contact you by email.

    4) You will receive an email with your script attached. You can of course make any changes to the script you like. Please keep in mind that the final script must be read by a narrator in under :30 seconds. We will also let you know if any script changes would add to the cost of your commercial.

    5) After you approve the script we will begin working on your approval demo.

    6) After your demo is completed we will send you a link to view the demo online. If you want changes, you can send those to us using email. Here is how changes to the demo are handled:

    If you prepaid: We will make changes and create up to four versions.

    If you paid a down payment: We will be glad to make the changes you want when we create the final version after you pay for the TV ad. We can only make one online approval demo for a down payment.

    7) We make a final version based upon your changes. Upon your approval, this is the version that is sent to TV stations and cable companies.

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